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An experience unlike any other in Hoi An
Get a taste of the old Vietnamese countryside

Wake up to the warm rays of the sun touching your face and the gentle sound of water against the hull. Step outside and find yourself on a boat on a lake surrounded by palm trees. Welcome to Zest Villas & Spa Hoi An.
At the end of a lovely lane lined by palm trees you will find Zest Villas & Spa Hoi An.
Zest Villas & Spa Hoi An offers its guests 26 well-appointed rooms set in a lush green environment of gardens and lakes. The area exudes the atmosphere of days gone by. Traditional materials have been used for both construction and decoration while old Cham, Vietnamese and French designs have influenced the architecture. Yet in these traditional surroundings our guests will be surrounded with all the modern comforts required by today’s leisure traveler and the exquisite service offered by our staff.
Zest Villas & Spa Hoi An is located far enough from the Hoi An Ancient Town for peace and quiet, yet close enough for convenience.
Zest Villas & Spa Hoi An serene surroundings with its lakes and well-kept gardens are the ideal destination for those seeking to unwind. Zest Villas & Spa Hoi An is also child friendly, offering a special children’s area where children can run and play to their heart’s content and a special pool for children.

The story behind our logo

Zest Villas & Spa Hoi An is like a ship sailing the sea. The sea is sometimes calm and other times stormy. But the ship always maintains a steady course, sailing silhouetted against the rising sun to safely reach its destination.
The dark shape in the middle of the logo represents a ship at sea. And like most ships in Vietnam, this one also has eyes, so I can find its way. Behind the ship the circle of the sun can be seen, rising out of the sea. The choice of colours in the logo has been influenced by feng shui.

Zest Villas & Spa
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