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Thanh Ha Pottery Village & Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Historically, Thanh Ha was a thriving village famous for earthenware that was sold in many provices throughout Central Vietnam. It was Thanh Ha villagers who made the bricks, tiles and floor slabs for the old building s in Hoi An and the surrounding areas.

Nowadays many old buildings in Hoi An need restoring and the villagers are the craftsmen who are employed to recreate the materials needed.

Almost all Hoi An’s ancient architecture was produced by their talented ancestors from the Kim Bong carpentry village. The current day carpenters continue to practice these fine skills.

During your time at the village your guide will tell you of the history of the village and explain the many skills the carpenters have. You will have the opportunity to view these master craftsman at their work and to purchase some of their products if you wish.

  • Morning tour departure: 08:00am and return 03:00pm.
  • Afternoon tour departure: 1:30pm and return 06:00pm.
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